Patricia Roberts

Clarsach, Guitar & Vocals


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What I Do




What I Do

The nature of my work is extremely varies and each performance is geared to a particular audience, type of occasion, size of venue etc.

Most of my work is as a solo artiste performing the traditional music of Scotland although I usually include one or two Irish and Welsh pieces in my programme. I may also sing a few contemporary songs if asked to do so.

Although every occasion is unique the following guidelines might be of use if you are considering booking my services.




normally, these consist of 2 x 30 - 40 minute performances with an interval between, or one performance lasting up to an hour. I very often do these in conjunction with another artiste or artistes (see links

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Available for Weddings, Burns Suppers, Dinners Receptions Scottish Evenings, Concerts Recitals


"Patricia has the most delightful speaking voice I have heard in a long time. But it's when she sings that her voice is pure joy. High in tone, clear as a bell, think sparkling frost on a sunny day, think clear tinkling water in a highland burn and you're only half way there. This lady has the voice of an angel".